The First Edition

The First Edition
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The First Edition Description

This book guides the reader through the variety of stages and steps one takes to make a professional music career into a legal business. It covers important topics that every musician should fully understand before signing a contract, making a recording, or fully pursuing a career. With a straightforward, plain-English approach, this book is written by an attorney who has been on both sides of the desk in the music business. With the advent of modern computer recording technology, more musicians are producing music for sales and seeking careers than ever before. With those careers comes the need for understanding and planning a career that goes past where the next gig is. This useful and easy-to-follow guide helps the reader do just that, therefore providing a path to gain more control over his/her music career.

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  1. I am a up and coming music producer from Beaufort,S.C. And this book is vital to anyone who needs to know about, the music business. It’s a must have, Thank you.

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