The Service Station – Nashville, TN

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The Entertainment Service Station – Nashville, TN

The Service Station is one of our “joint venture” partners of:

Music Square One

The Service Station is a full-service corporate branding and product development company, specializing in creating award-winning marketing programs for brands, label start-ups, and developing artists.  In addition, The Service Station is a full-service talent management company.

Committed to Excellence
The Service Station success is the result of a commitment to professional excellence, creativity and a tenacious desire to advance the careers of the artists and labels we represent. Specifically, The Service Station staff represents over 150 years of combined award-winning major/indie label marketing and worldwide distribution experience!

Our Philosophy
As for our business philosophy, The Service Station strives to ensure fairness, honesty and integrity in every aspect of our work environment. The respect earned through our work experience coupled with the established long-term professional relationships at the highest levels of the entertainment industry has proven to be one of The Service Station single greatest assets.

The Service Station Competitive Advantage
Throughout its success however, The Service Station has maintained a keen awareness of the vast music industry opportunities that continue to evolve in the marketplace, especially where independent artists and labels are concerned. The Service Station prides itself on having the ability to identify, quickly develop, and expedite business opportunities for their artists to maintain a competitive advantage in the entertainment marketplace.

Contact us to learn more about how we can take your career to the next level!

For more information, call (615)445-3200



We are also discussing adding another book to the mix that will focus a good deal more on Music Marketing, Music and Social Media as well as New Media Marketing for the Music Business.

Steve Moore, B.A. J.D.

Author of “The Truth About the Music Business”

The Truth about the Music Business – is wholly owned by:

Music Square One

Our Record Label Division is:

High Cotton Records



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